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Skills You Need To Succeed

High School Program

Forbes HR is now offering a soft skills course for high school students!  

Employers have confirmed that one of the biggest areas for development with young adults starting in their careers is soft skills.  This 3-part course will cover the topics of Conflict Resolution, Harassment Prevention and Professionalism.  Length of each topic and program design can be changed for the school's needs.  Typical outlines of each topic are:

Part 1:  Conflict Resolution

Students will learn the definition of conflict and how it pertains to their work and school experiences.  We will also discuss potential benefits and downside of conflict, how to work through the conflict resolution process, and workplace expectations.  


Part 2:  Harassment Prevention

Students will learn the different forms of harassment, including sexual harassment.  We will discuss what it means to respect boundaries, workplace laws that protect us from harassment, and also expectations of the student in the workplace. 

Part 3:  Professionalism

We will discuss what it means to be a professional in the workplace.  Topics include:  communication skills, interviewing, having a positive attitude, teamwork, and online image.

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